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Some Low Cost Wedding Ideas

If you’re a bride searching for low cost wedding ideas then take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.  Considering how the cost of so many things has spiraled out of control in the last few years, it’s no wonder that a bride and groom may need to cut corners however they can when it comes to their wedding.  But of course most couples want to balance those low cost wedding ideas with their desire to still have a wedding and reception that is beautiful, elegant, and enjoyable.  How can any couple do this?

 The first thing you can do when considering low cost wedding ideas is to get an idea of what type of ceremony and reception you want to have.  Are you looking for something that is casual and by the waterfront or something elegant and traditional?  The type of wedding you want will affect what low cost wedding ideas you can use.  A seashore ceremony can mean that you would have your meal in a restaurant or on the deck of a nearby location, as many people don’t care to be outside in the sun all day.  On the other hand an elegant and traditional wedding can be had in a historic home or manor as they usually have ballrooms or gardens you can use for the ceremony and a dining hall for the reception.  Elegant and traditional low cost wedding ideas can mean having a simple dinner by candlelight or a later ceremony after dinner so that the meal you serve is just appetizers and cocktails or wine, whereas a seaside ceremony can mean exchanging vows in the late morning and serving a light lunch afterwards.

Consider where you can cut certain items down a bit as well when considering low cost wedding ideas.  Your bouquet can be just a few simple blooms that are dressed up with baby’s breath and ferns and tied with a simple and chic ribbon.  Your bridesmaids can hold a single blossom rather than a full bouquet.  By doing this you save a tremendous amount on the flowers which is part of those low cost wedding ideas.  Use strings of light as decorations; you can purchase these very inexpensively at a home supply retailer or just pull them out of your Christmas decorations box!  By reusing decorations this way you’re keeping your low cost wedding ideas very affordable.

Keep your dress simple when considering low cost wedding ideas.  This means that you might purchase a simpler wedding dress and have it embellished by a seamstress and have the groomsmen dress in black suits rather than tuxedos.  You can dress up their suits with beautiful silk ties and even a vest; this type of ensemble is usually more affordable than standard tuxes.  Other low cost wedding ideas include using paper flowers in modest glass vases for centerpieces, preparing food yourself ahead of time and freezing it, and limiting the food and alcohol you serve to guests.

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