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Finding a Perfect Low Cost Wedding Dress

Your wedding needs to be perfect, doesn’t it?  After all you’ll be seeing it in your wedding pictures for the rest of your life.  While you want a perfect dress you may also need to keep in mind what can be worn as a low cost wedding dress since many women are having to plan their weddings within a certain budget these days.  There are some ways you can shop for and embellish a low cost wedding dress so that it’s just perfect for your big day while still staying within your budget.  Here are some basic tips and pointers.

For one thing get out of the bridal stores and the very expensive designer stores as well.  These gowns may be beautiful but you’re unlikely to find a low cost wedding dress in a place like this.  You can find designer dresses using internet sites such as eBay or other online stores; many dresses are brand new with the tags still on them and are sold by outlet stores or other retailers that handle discounted or overstock merchandise.  They’re a great option to find that low cost wedding dress that still is as beautiful as anything you’ll see in those fancy department stores.

Many discount retailers may offer a low cost wedding dress online such as Target or Macy’s.  You can often find a wide selection of dresses that are made by famous designers and that are just as beautiful as anything else you can find in the pricier bridal shops or department stores.

A good way to dress up a low cost wedding dress is to speak to a seamstress before you actually make a purchase and get ideas for embellishments that can be added.  A beautiful sash in a warm autumn color or a wide silk fabric can go a long way toward making that low cost wedding dress look much fancier than it is.  A seamstress can often add beading, lace, or tulle netting over a dress or in certain areas to give it an elegant feel.  Sleeves can be added or beads can be sewn into the hemline.  However it’s important to talk to her beforehand about your options; you can of course bring your dress in and ask what she can do after you’ve purchased it but checking with her first can give you an idea of what to look for by way of a low cost wedding dress that can be embellished in this way.

Of course you can also dress up a low cost wedding dress by making sure that your jewelry and flowers are elegant and chic.  Usually borrowed jewelry or something made of crystals is going to give you an elegant look.  You can also have a more dramatic veil that gives you a look of elegance overall.  And remember that when it comes to elegance, less is more.  A simple but chic low cost wedding dress is probably more beautiful to most than something cheaper but far too busy in its design and look.

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